18th Outreach Program on Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System & Global Navigation Satellite System
Dear All
It is to inform that PRSC in Collaboration with IIRS will be conducting 18th Outreach Program on "Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System &Global Navigation Satellite System" by utilizing the Satellite Link/Learning Management System. This programme is sponsored by NNRMS, Department of Space, Government of India for Capacity Building. As part of the programme, lecture/practical demonstrations will be telecasted live from IIRS Studio and will be received live in the class room at PRSC with UGC-CEC/CIET/NCERT National Beam network. The online course of 12 weeks duration with 4/5 lectures per week (22th Aug to 22nd November 2016) is a unique opportunity to learn the basics of RS, GIS and GNSS and their applications by developing one and a half hour each day at the place of stay of the participant. Prior to this course, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre has already conducted five courses successfully.
The Indian government is also giving importance to use of space technology to benefit the society as a whole. The course is open for all the UG/PG students, working Professionals, Researchers in various Universities/Institutions. There is no Course fee for the said Programme.
Please take advantage and motivate to register large number of participants (PG Students/ Researchers/Scientists/Teachers) for the course. At the end of the course an examination will conducted (online) and successfully completed participants will be issued the certificate. A copy of the syllabus of this course is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal and for wider circulation in your University/Institute/ College/ Department level
The nominated candidates may be advised to contact the undersigned so that they can be registered online before 15th August, 2016.
In case you need any further information about the programme. Please feel free to contact O/o The Director, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, Ludhiana, Ph: 0161-2303484, Email: or Dr. Anil Sood, Coordinator of the Programme, Mobile: 9417520536. Email: or
With regards and best wishes,


S. No.  Name                                                              From                              To
1.         Dr. M.S. Gill, IAS                                     27.07. 1987                       10.11.1988
2.         Sh. A.S. Pooni, IAS                                     11.11.1988                        21.04.1992
3.         Sh. R.N. Gupta, IAS                                   21.04.1992                        31.12.1994
4.         Sh. V.K. Khanna, IAS                                 01.01.1995                        10.07.1996
5.         Sh. N.N. Khanna, IAS                                 11.07.1996                        19.08.1996
6.         Sh. R.N. Gupta, IAS                                   20.08.1996                        14.05.1999
7.         Sh.Y.S. Ratra, IAS                                      15.05.1999                        30.05.2000
8.         Sh. C.L. Bains, IAS                                     31.05.2000                        30.11.2001
9.         Sh. N.S. Rattan, IAS                                   01.12.2001                        01.03.2002
10.       Sh. P.K. Verma, IAS                                   01.03.2002                        20.10.2003
11.       Dr. B.C. Gupta, IAS                                    21.10.2003                        20.07.2004
12.       Sh. P.K. Verma, IAS                                   21.07.2004                        16.05.2006

13.       Sh. Gurjit S. Cheema, IAS                          16.05.2006                        02.01.2007

14.       Sh. G.S. Sandhu, IAS                                  02.01.2007                        03.09.2007

15.       Sh. R.S. Sandhu, IAS                                  04.09.2007                        11.03.2009

16.          Sh.N.S. Kang, IAS                                   12.03.2009                        19.03.2012

17.          Sh. G.S. Sandhu, IAS                               19.03.2012                        31.03.2013

18.          Sh. Suresh Kumar, IAS                            01.04.2013                        30.04.2016

19.          Dr. Nirmaljeet.S. Kalsi, IAS                     02.05.2016                        continuing



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